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What does the P.I.L.L. Method stand for?


Prepayment of Principal

The most efficient way to pay down your principal balance is by prepaying so that you can cancel interest and actually put a dent in your pay off time. 

Prepayment of principal cuts interest cost. Whenever you make a payment before it is due, it is considered a prepayment; this is where the P in the PILL Method originates.



Think of the debt payment process like a seesaw. The seesaw is a lever that is pivoting from a fixed point. If you change the position of the fulcrum (timing), you change the leverage and the consumer benefits from the payment. 

By moving the timing, you are now in control of interest cost and you save!


Isolation of Principal Amount

Isolation of principal amounts not only saves you money, it also saves time. Imagine yourself eliminating 11 months of interest and canceling over $10,000 in unnecessary fees. 

Canceling interest is the key to accelerating your family’s financial freedom.



With some loans, time affects the ability to cancel interest more than with others. Time reduces the effectiveness of each dollar applied towards principal. Whereas, the right amount of money increases the effectiveness. 

Choosing the right loan to attack, and when, increases or decreases the total amount of interest that can be canceled.

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