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The PILL Method

Works to identify people who are looking for a better way to eliminate debt

Educates our clients on how to read, and understand amortization schedules, through our coaching services, in order to cancel huge amounts of future interest.
Supplies our clients with detailed Savings Reports so they can know the month and year they can be debt free, and how much potential interest they can save.
Offers each client coaching on our proprietary technology. The PILL Method Opportunity Cost Calculator optimizes debt elimination and wealth creation.
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Never before in history has there been a book devoted to educating consumers on interest cancellation and opportunity cost calculation, until now. This book was written to help you understand the power of the penny (how much interest each penny can cancel when optimized) instead of relying on heuristics (rules of thumb). If your goal is to borrow money at the deepest discount, make interest when investing or save interest when you borrow, this is the perfect book for you!

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The PILL Method

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Become Debt-Free

The PILL Method

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Many homeowners are attempting to payoff their mortgages and student loans with seemingly little progress...

We provide our clients with personal instruction and an easy to use dashboard that guides them to total debt freedom in about 7 years!

In debt eliminated, over $500 Million.
In interest saved, over $3 Billion.
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