Recently Mackenzie Was Spending A Little Time On Facebook Catching Up On The News About Friends, When She Saw Something She Could Hardly Believe!!! Friends From Her College Days Were Being Featured In This Video That Stated That They Had Paid Off Their 30 Year Mortgage In 6 1/2 Years!!!

Mackenzie: “After Seeing Michael And Beth Rosenblum Had Paid Off Their Mortgage…I Started To Dream About Paying Off Our Mortgage And Student Loan Debt, So I Called Michael And Asked Him…’IS THIS FOR REAL?’ After Talking With Michael I Knew I Had To Contact The PILL Method Trust To See What They Could Do For Us!!!”

THE RESULTS WERE STAGGERING Mackenzie And Brandon Will Now Pay Off All Their Student Loan Debt And Their Mortgage, Not In 27 Years But In 7.7 Years!!! And Even More Incredibly Instead Of Paying 91,000 In Interest Payments, With The Pill Method’s Interest Cancellation Technology They Will Only Pay 23,000 In Interest. That Is Reduction Of 74.7%!!!! They Are Accomplishing All This Without Refinancing, Their Payments Stay The Same And With No Change To Their Lifestyle!!!

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