The PILL Method exits to share with consumers the truth about how the Lending Industry is committing financial violence by promoting a system whereby they are charging 75% more interest than they need to. Every person who works for a living has the right to know that the excessive amounts of interest they are paying to corporations could be used to benefit their families instead! Just one of the ways consumers are victimized is that the interest rate we are quoted is not the percentage of the principal we end up paying. Meaning a 30 year mortgage for $200,000 at 3% results in $103,000 in interest costs alone! That is 51% of the principal borrowed! Does that sound like a 3% loan to you?

Even though we have access to what is considered to be the best financial advice available, as it turns out, we are actually being conditioned to remain financially illiterate our entire lives. Therefore the goal of the lending industry is for us to become unwitting victims of financial violence and interest generating slaves. When all the while those excessive interest amounts are being funneled to the worlds largest corporations.

The current financial system promotes financial illiteracy to enslave consumers to a lifetime of debt because the ability to read an amortization schedule, the means by which interest is calculated and charged, is not taught at any level of financial education. We are repeatedly violated not only by the excessive interest we pay but then insult is added to injury by the current financial advice from lending institutions and so-called financial gurus that promote ideas that are supposed to help us eliminate debt… but in actuality cause us to be complicit in our own victimization and deepens our slavery into debt! What is created is the most dangerous and insidious form of slavery…The Illusion of Freedom! 

We believe that by creating an underground railroad to enlighten and lead all consumers {who are slaves to debt} to financial freedom, we are doing our part in exposing and eliminating financial violence. Our train to freedom actually runs on two tracks…educational enlightenment and technology.

The first rail of our two track system is teaching Financial Literacy through learning to read an amortization schedule and the pitfalls of not knowing how. Reading is fundamental! The second is the use of the technology we call Computer Aided Financial Optimization (CAFO). The powerful algorithms that drive this super computer are designed to optimize your current budget and take advantage of the weaknesses inherent in the amortization schedule so that it is possible to become debt free in an average of 8 to 10 years and cut your interest cost by 75%. The first rule of optimization is: You cannot optimize what you cannot measure!

The PILL Method Trust teaches financial literacy through its copyrighted system The PILL Method Financial Seminar. PILL stands for:

  • Prepayment of Principal
  • Isolation of Principal Payments
  • Leverage 
  • Liquidity 

The PILL Method Trust markets the most powerful technology available to consumers! The worlds first and only Computer Aided Financial Optimization (CAFO) system. We refer to this extraordinary super computer as our Financial Robot that operates like a financial gps to compute and give consumers precise instructions to lead debt slaves to true financial freedom in the least amount of time possible with the lowest interest cost possible!

  • With no refinancing of your loans necessary!
  • While your monthly payments remain the same!
  • And without sacrificing Lifestyle! 

Please watch this short video from 60 minutes to witness how even the most financially astute money managers on the planet, can themselves, fall victim to financial slavery and be seduced by the Illusion of Freedom. Is Banking Rigged Against You?

Even These elite money managers needed someone to figure out how they were being victimized and teach them the truth about how they were blindly giving away billions. They knew something was wrong but they just didn’t know what. Once educated about the problems and their solutions these same elite money mangers purchased technology to lead them to financial freedom and their economic promised land. It is now possible for individuals and businesses to purchase technology and coaching that will guide them to cut their interest costs by up to 75% and eliminate their Mortgages, Student Loans and all other debt in as little as 7 years! 

Copyright © 2010 by Donald Daniel
All rights reserved. The PILL Method content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher.

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