Artificial Intelligence is prominent in the trading sector of finance Click Here and the same kind of technology is now available to consumer and business finance! Just think about it… a machine, a Financial Robot® that can take all of your financial information turn it into 100’s of millions of bytes data and then can combine all of that data to find the one optimized permutation of that data, then, make a recommendation that is going to benefit the end user to the utmost…and do it in under 4 seconds! Now think of this machine performing this monumental task 100’s of times per day as new data is acquired so that the end user has up to the minute recommendations to minimize the cost of money!

This is taking Economic Value Added to a whole new level. Imagine cutting costs of interest lost by earnings not received on savings and unnecessary interest paid on loans by 75%. That means more money available to purchase goods and services, more money for investing, and more money available for paying down debt…all without having to increase income!!

Previously only available to banks and large corporations this kind of computing power has come home to consumers and to small business owners in the form of the PILL Financial Robot® from the PILL Method Trust Inc.


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