With the powerful algorithms programmed into our Financial Robot…..you can cut your interest costs by 50 to 75%. Therefore our Robot can recommend a reallocation of a specific amount of those funds already contained in your budget and send more of your money to principal without increasing your monthly budget or income!

Financial Optimization is now available to OUR clients and not just to bankers. The purpose of Financial Optimization is to lower the cost of using your money to a technological minimum. How do we do this?

Through Algorithmic Factorial Permutational Calculation! Combining all the currently identified financial variables in every way possible to find the one optimized permutation that will minimize your cost to the utmost. With just 10 variables there are over 3,000,000,000 unique permutations to choose from! By primarily focusing on reducing the cost of using money we have found that this is the most powerful money management strategy in use today. The result is MORE money available for purchasing goods and services, More money available for investing and MORE money available for eliminating debt! All without the need for increasing your income or your monthly budget.

To further maximize the use of your money our Robot recommends that you move your money on certain dates to either save as much and or earn as much interest as possible before the Robot chooses which debt to minimize in a given month.  Plus you can now track every penny automatically every day…effortlessly!

The new PILL Method Financial Robot is more automactic than ever. This Thinking Program incorporates Artificial Inteligence! To compare the PILL Financial Robot to a plain software program is like comparing a tin can on a string to a Satellite Phone!  Your finances can now be justified daily. You can set your finances on auto-pilot, build an emergency fund, prepare reports for tax time, and set a date for financial freedom, this smart system does it all!

This is the only System in the world that will use all the financial information made available to it and programs itself to give you up to the second financial recommendations. This information will help you to manage your finances to save interest costs, build wealth, and eliminate debt in record time. All with little to no change in your current budget!!

For a free demonstration of what the PILL Method Financial Robot, by The PILL Method Trust, can do for You contact us at info@thepillmethod.com


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