I am now in my fourth year of helping families, churches and businesses extricate themselves from the curse of debt. I have even invented a copyrighted method to explain how banks make their money and how we as consumers pay up 75% more interest than we need too.

But I have discovered that there is something more insdious going under the surface.
Insidious: a : awaiting a chance to entrap; b : harmful but enticing.

I have worked tirelessly on a discription of the debt process to help people make a decision to become financially free. But no matter how clear I can make it…no matter how simply I lay it out far too many people CHOOSE to continue paying the bank 100’s of thousands of dollars more interest than they need to!

Why? I believe it is due to conditioning…I call it A.I.R. Conditioning, Aggresive Institutionalized Reprogramming. We are being reprogrammed to pay compound interest our entire lives and it has become so habit forming that we find it almost impossible to stop!

Then how do we get people to change this habit. We have to make it clear to them that the financial system in which they are engaged is The New Slavery!

The PILL Method Trust Inc.


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