The P.I.L.L. Method is the most powerful debt reduction and wealth building tool there is. Using this method can cut the interest you pay by 75% and allow you to pay off your debt in 7-9 years instead of 30 years. All while maintaining your current budget and your current lifestyle. 

I’ll be honest with you: Avalanche and snowball methods of paying off debt work. They are effective, but they’re INEFFICIENT in terms of not managing the interest costs. The interest rate you are quoted is not the interest rate you will end up paying.

Those who use the avalanche and snowball methods pay approximately $50,000-70,000 more in interest than they need to pay without even realizing it! 

The way we are taught to pay back loans leads to paying 75% in interest in some cases. You won’t learn about a more effective way of paying off debt from your accountant, financial planner, or banker. But it is my mission to educate people on how loans really work and teach you how to read an amortization schedule and to show you how you can pay less interest. 

Why? Because you deserve to know. 

I was a firefighter for seventeen years and I was drowning in debt. I was struggling to pay off a number of loans, and one day I started paying attention to the amortization schedules. I have Aspergers, and when I was looking at these amortization schedules, I saw patterns that did not make sense.

That was the beginning of my journey. I’d like to help you begin your journey toward freedom from debt. 

Contact me. All initial consultations are free. You can also download the first chapter of my book, The P.I.L.L. Method, free of charge right now. Read my book, give us a call, let’s run the numbers so you can know the truth about your loans.

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