Is unique in that our business model is based in service to others. We are providing the service of giving financial insight and raising awareness that allows individuals to optimize their economic resources. To seek to maximize this resource for the client is counterintuitive to most business models because profit is the point of most models; where as in our case to put our clients well being ahead of our own is our purpose.

This Golden Rule approach to business will bring about our growth and our success. “Our income will be determined by how many people we serve and how well we serve them.” Not by how much we sell.

There are financial profit centers that take advantage of the fact that most of us are not as sophisticated financially as the companies that derive their huge profit margins from our poor decisions concerning money.

Our goal is to instantly even the playing field for the backbone of our economic system…..the individual worker and small business owner.

By combining our financial EDUCATION, with our TECHNOLOGY we will both…raise the consciousness of our clients about their valued resource and how complicated it is to maximize its benefits… and provide for them the worlds first and only financial robot. This robot is designed to glean and analyze, with minimum human input, mountains of data, then make recommendations, based on the results of that analysis.

For the first time in modern financial history, there is a way to aid the individual person, family, organization, or business to make the most of maximizing their own finances, and not the business concerns that make enormous profits renting to us their money for our entire lives.

Those that take advantage of our education and technology will do so without causing harm to any other sector of the financial system.

With this combination of Education and Technology our clients will be able to become financially free in record time, saving thousands of dollars in interest and with little to no increase to their monthly expenses!

The PILL Method Trust Inc.


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